Design and development 
for agencies and brands

Felix Dorner is an independent designer and developer with 8+ years of experience. He is working between the intersection of clarity and surprise by creating thoughtful and enjoyable solutions. He is working with agencies and brands – either on the full picture or just on parts of a bigger puzzle.


Product design
Web development



CSS Design Awards


One Page Love

functional aesthetics
Goldener Westen
Kombinat Berlin
Mondon Design


Adam Audio
Boston Consulting
Feel Festival
Red Bull


My background

In my perception, I was always kind of creative: As a kid, I have drawn (poor) comics, built a lot with Lego and day-dreamed myself through school classes. As a teenager, I created multiplayer maps for Half-Life, designed my first web pages in Frontpage and played around with animations in Powerpoint. When I came of age things got more serious and I began designing promotional materials for co-organized club events in Berlin. Soon, I became part of a collective named Pink-Pong where I was kind of the creative lead as I was the only one who designed and developed everything. In this time I learned a lot about branding, marketing, print design, web design, and web development. Further, I got to know more and more people who liked what I did and landed my first freelance jobs. I liked the work, kept going, did an internship at early SoundCloud and got more professional with every year.

My setup

Machine: MacBook Pro
UX/UI Design: Figma
Prototyping: Principle
Code-Editor: Atom
Code-Hosting: Github
Server: DigitalOcean, ServerPilot, Cloudflare
Project Management: Things, Quire, Teamweek, Timely
Messaging: Gmail, Skype, Slack
Docs & Files: Dropbox

Beyond work

I’m into soccer and play myself in an amateur team in Berlin. I like video games with great stories and I’m into blockbuster movies (hello Marvel) or well-made series (Westworld). I listen to music a lot and collect my favorites in annual playlists on Spotify. I prefer clean and timeless design, but also find joy in observing chaotic new design trends like brutalism. I’m also a little into travel photography and release shots irregularly on VSCO or Instagram.